“You can’t expect to build a 6-figure income with a skill set of a minimum wage worker.” — Dani Johnson

I love this statement. It is so true!

When I first started out in my direct-selling career I had the skill set of a minimum wage worker. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking minimum wage workers. But you have to GROW in your skills if you expect to handle a 6-figure income business!

The #1 skill that will make or break you is this: TEACHABILITY

Leaders are learners! They never stop learning and developing their skills. They know that their income will never outpace their personal development!

Even if you all of a sudden got a landslide of money. It has been shown over and over again that people who have made a lot of money without the skills of how to handle that kind of money will lost it! Do you know how many football players, etc. have lost all their money and even committed bankruptcy??

Learn everything you can as fast as you can!

Go to every team meeting. Every training workshop. Every call. Commit yourself to being teachable!

Commit yourself to trying everything and failing forward! Be teachable!

Teachable people are:

  1. Humble — Get rid of your ego. Zip your mouth and follow directions.
  2. Resilient — They aren’t afraid to try and test things out and are OK if it didn’t work because they know they will learn from it and do better next time!
  3. Working — As in employed. Either by themselves or by somebody else. Listen, the marketplace pays for value and skill. Teachable people acquire both. Have you ever come across an unteachable co-worker or sales team member? You want to knock them in the head! And eventually, they find themselves un-employed or out of business.

Stay teachable! And learn as much as you can as fast as you can.

More skills = more money!


10 Things

Listen to this archived KarenGreen.com Advantage Call from August, 2012:

The call is a good one for everyone but especially for beginners.
It’s about the 10 Mistakes Most Party Reps Make That Cause Them To Fail!
Did you start your business with high hopes and then it all fell apart?
Do you feel like things went well for 30 days and then 90 days later you feel like you don’t have a business?
Do you have newbies join your business and then they stop calling you back after their first month?
Or did they fail to launch at all?
What went wrong?
Listen to this call to start or re-start your party business!

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Karen has built several large party-plan sales teams including her most recent multi-million dollar team. She shows the teachable how to do the same. This is NOT a recruiting call or a business opportunity call. This call is open to all sales reps from all companies or for people who are considering joining a party-plan company. And for people that should be involved in a party-plan company and don’t know it yet.

Quick Tip: I Believe For You

Have you ever heard the phrase:

I believe in you!

Well, sometimes you need someone to come along side and say:

I believe FOR you.

Watch this Quick Tip video:

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