Karen, Karen, I don’t know where to begin to start a business or what I’m doing.

Well, that is great because that would make the two of us. LOL. When I first began direct sales I didn’t have a clue what I was doing either. But when I think back about that this is what I think made the difference for me:

  1. I didn’t let my lack of knowledge or skill stop me from trying everything.
  2. I didn’t listen to any of the naysayers out there that said it couldn’t be done.
  3. I was HUNGRY to GET OUT of the situation I was in!

Let me tell you something — “hunger” goes a long way. While people around me were finding excuses I was finding actions to take. I didn’t fail because I could not fail. I HAD to make the money. Not just for monetary reasons but you see when I grew up as a poor single mom’s kid in a poor town I had no expectations on me to amount to much at all. College was for rich people.

But I thank GOD that somebody told me I could be a business person for $199! In my mind business people were rich! So, this was my chance. This was my shot to BE SOMEBODY! (Later I found out I was always somebody.)

I soaked up and TRIED everything I heard in the training. I talked to STRANGERS all of the time. I joined networking groups. I eventually started and ran a networking group of 300 female business owners. I joined the local Make-A-Wish foundation and helped them raise funds and volunteered for them. I ran around saying, “Hey, are you a crafter? My company is giving a free crafting kit every month! Do you want to enter the contest?” In the summer I carried around a sand pail with treats and contest sheets. In the winter I carried around a pumpkin pail. I stopped at every car wash. I called every little league and fundraiser sign. I WORKED because I WAS HUNGRY to CHANGE my LIFE.

Did I know that one day I would be a co-founder of our very own direct selling company??? UH NO!!!!! Not in a MILLION YEARS!  But did I just get LUCKY? No!! I created my own luck by becoming the person I needed to be in order to run a direct selling company. I like that quote: The harder I work the luckier I get! It makes me sad to see people just on the sidelines of life and not being excellent in what they do. What kind of life is that?!

I know why I am here. Do you??

I am here for the Karen Greens of the world. THAT is why I am here. I am here for the hungry ones. I am here for the desperate ones. I am here for the ones that believe it could never happen for them. The ones that think you have to be super smart or super outgoing or super thin to be a success. The ones that think they are less than.

Oh my friends, keep going. Surround yourself with a better mindset. Find people that have what you want and follow directions. And roll up your sleeves and W.O.R.K. One day you will look up from your desk and realize that every frustration, sweat, and tear was worth it!